Investment is essential for the innovation that drives the Pharma and Biotech industries to flourish. If done properly, it can enable the industry to pursue new ideas and tackle previously unachievable challenges, whilst providing a healthy ROI for the investor. But how do investors decide where to put their money to give them this return? And what can the Pharma and Biotech companies do to ensure that they are seen and heard by the relevant people?

Phacilitate’s inaugural Investment for Advanced Therapies will provide Pharma and Biotech companies with the perfect platform to stand out from the crowd and show why their products and technology are worth backing. At the same time, it will provide Investors with the tools they need to be able to make informed decisions about what is happening in the space and where the greatest opportunities lie.

The agenda features a whole morning dedicated to looking at the major barriers, drivers and opportunities to bringing cell and gene therapies to the mainstream. Uniquely, thanks to our partnership with Biotech and Money, it also contains contributions from 15+ investors, sharing their invaluable experience of working in this space.

Investment for Advanced Therapies will run alongside ISCT, ensuring access to the most active pharma and biotech companies that will already be in London. With an expected audience of over 180, including at least 50 investors, there’s something for everyone.